We are a small rabbitry in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We began to raise rabbits four years ago. We are raising them to process ourselves, the meat is lean and so healthy for you. Included below are the nutrition facts. (click to make bigger.)

We are raising rabbits in a small space, (our garage) below is a photo, of one section. A lot of people that I talk to have barns and I am so jealous of folks that have large spaces to expand, but by being small we keep our quality very high, and keep only the very best rabbits for breeding.

New Set-up update, we now have a shed for our purebred New Zealand White Rabbits.

New update: Silverridge Rabbitry is now homesteading. We have been raising rabbits for seven years now. Our set up has changed again we are not raising rabbits out of the garage or out of the shed. Now we have a new barn! The barn is a six stall in Wolcott Vermont. We have added more cages for young growing rabbits. All of our stock pedigreed now. We have added 16 chickens, and boer goats to the mix. We are beginning to homestead in earnest. Thus the name change to Vermont homesteading. This blog will be about our adventures with all of our animals, and our love of great food and friends.


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