Getting ready for colder weather

I always get nervous going into winter watering Rabbits in winter is so miserable. I always look for a better way but breaking out crocks is horrible. All this Summer i have been using my water bottles. Water bottles last a lot longer, No need to fill as often. I am not looking forward to swapping dishes, For frozen ones. My New Zealand rabbits are used to having plenty of water available. In the winter I try to water them three times a day. The best invention in the world will be a winter waterer That works.



New Evans pedigree program

Silver ridge rabbitry has a new pedigree program by Evans software. It is great and now we can print beautiful pedigrees I am so happy!

Lighting in a Rabbitry plays a great part in Breeding

light for rabbitsI believe that the lighting provided in a rabbitry is important for the breeding habitat of the new zealand white rabbbit. More light is very important in the winter, if you don’t have a lot of windows in your rabbitry, it is important to leave on the lights to give the rabbits, enough time in the light. This will help with breeding.

Nestboxes for 3 does

I have given nestboxes for 3 mommies, I gave them their nestboxes early, they were carrying hay in their mouth, but I read that it is ok to wait, and give them their nest on the 27 day. I just felt since they wanted to build I would let them have their way. I will keep you posted when they kindle.

Summer Rabbits VS Winter Rabbits

Have you noticed how rabbits raised in warmer weather have longer ears, shorter coats etc. And winter rabbits have shorter ears and thicker coats.  Here is a photo of my summer rabbit (raised in my basement at 70 degrees) and my winter rabbit raised outside in a Vermont winter.