Getting ready for colder weather

I always get nervous going into winter watering Rabbits in winter is so miserable. I always look for a better way but breaking out crocks is horrible. All this Summer i have been using my water bottles. Water bottles last a lot longer, No need to fill as often. I am not looking forward to swapping dishes, For frozen ones. My New Zealand rabbits are used to having plenty of water available. In the winter I try to water them three times a day. The best invention in the world will be a winter waterer That works.



Lighting in a Rabbitry plays a great part in Breeding

light for rabbitsI believe that the lighting provided in a rabbitry is important for the breeding habitat of the new zealand white rabbbit. More light is very important in the winter, if you don’t have a lot of windows in your rabbitry, it is important to leave on the lights to give the rabbits, enough time in the light. This will help with breeding.